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Lifting Services and more

Lifting Services and more

With the fleet of our company we can offer any type of lifting or transport.

Our experienced personnel will assist you to any kind of lifting complicated or not with the maximum safety and security.

We can assist you also in lifting of your personnel with certified operators and machinery like the Merlo Roto forklift with man-basket up to 26 meters.

The machines and attachments equipment that we use, are certified and inspected by the authorities and can comply with every Health and Safety regulation of the most demanding project.

The multi-year experience among with the modern fleet gives as a competitive advantage the excellent and professional handling of your project which always gives you the necessary peace of mind.

We can optimize your productivity for:

  • Metal frame erection
  • Windows & facades cleaning
  • Machninery installation
  • Positioning of signs and boards
  • Exterior paintings and facades remaking
  • Cutting high trees

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