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Company Profile

TC Technitio Ltd is a Cyprus registered company, with the aim to bring innovative technologies and solutions to the Cypriot market for the Recycling industry, Industrial Automations & Machinery and Renewable Energy.

Our aim has always been and remains to contribute to the proper development of each company so it may prosper in a difficult and competitive market, offering cutting-edge technological solutions and ideas.

Our technologically state-of-the-art solutions, neither compromise the simplicity nor the flexibility nor the reliability, in order to guarantee maximum customer safety and satisfaction.

Problems come and go.  Technologies change.  What stays the same is the approach problem solvers take to find an answer.  The methodical mind of the engineer has been the hallmark of TC Technitio's expert staff.  We understand when your question needs a solution, the right answer is everything.  We realize that a wrong answer could cost you millions or put lives in danger.

Our clients count on us to provide solutions to even their most difficult problems.  We commit to exceeding our customer's expectations for quality, responsiveness and professional excellence while delivering within agreed price and schedule.

With every project we undertake, we emphasize on strategic solutions that fit the client's needs with superior service and long-term support.  Since our inception, we have rapidly become known for our expertise in Recycling Industry, Industrial Automations & Machinery and Renewable Energy.

We work to earn our customers trust and loyalty - no customer should ever leave us because of neglect.  More than simply responding to customer needs, we work to anticipate them with unquestionable honesty, fairness and respect.